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Spray Mop with Removable Washable Pad

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  • Product: Spray Mop with Removable Washable Pad
  • Size: Dimensions 62.2 x 13.5 x 10 cm
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  • MRP: 1699.00
  • DP: 1300.00
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  • Description: A magical mop to keep your floors clean and fresh! This spray mop is the safest, easiest and quickest way to clean any dirt on the ground. The trigger spray allows you to simply push a lever on the handle to spray just the right amount of ready to use floor cleaner on the surface. The ultra-absorbent microfiber pad wipes away the dirt and dries the floor almost instantly! Its easy to use swivel head makes reaching corners and under furniture easy and you can also replace or refill the cartridge as and when required. An efficient microfiber pad removes tough or sticky messes for your living room, kitchen and shower room. When you've finished cleaning just pop the microfiber pad into the washing machine. For a long-lasting functionality made, the mop’s structure is made of lightweight steel aluminum which is easy to dismantle.
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