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  • Product: RAF BAGS
  • Size: RAF Travel Laptop Backpack (16 inch) with USB Charging Port
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  • MRP: 1599.00
  • DP: 1500.00
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  • Description: Usb Charging Port -- External Usb Charging Port Is Provided On Side Of The Backpack To Charge Mobile Phone And Other Electronic Devices. Simply Connect The Power Bank From Inside And Charge Your Mobile Device. Disclaimer: This Backpack Does Not Include Any Battery Or Power Banks. Buyer Need To Purchase Or Procure Them Separately Its genius lies in the hidden zipper that is fully hidden in the back of the bag. No thief will be able to find the opening of your bag, and thus the way to your belongings. The bag includes an integrated USB charging port. Simply connect the powerbank from the inside and charge your mobile phone. The front and bottom of the backpack are made from re-used PU material.The refelctive bars on the back and sides of the bag will make sure you travel safely during the night.
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